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​​We believe parents are stronger when they have the support of someone familiar with the postpartum journey. Our specialty is traditional care from Ayurveda that helps restore and rebuild the birthing parent and create stronger connections between the parents and baby. We help the family find and honor their innate wisdom, and ease the Sacred Window of postpartum.


The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda illuminates the plan for supporting the birther gently for their best healing of body, mind and spirit in their 42 day postpartum “Sacred Window”.  Ayurdoula uses healing modalities such as soothing bodywork, consciously prepared food/nourishing principles, and specific postpartum herbals tailored for the birthing parent. We introduce these at the perfect timing to pull them back together more easily and enliven their quick recovery.

We instruct the new parents and family caregivers how to do Ayurvedic infant massage to support bonding and optimal growth for their baby.

We offer

In-person Support in the comfort of your home or Online Education and Virtual Support using the Ayurvedic Postpartum Care model by video, email, and/or text.

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