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We believe that optimal bonding with your new baby occurs when the baby is massaged by family members. We teach the style of Ayurvedic massage called abhyanga because it is easier for caregivers to learn; occasionally we will instruct from the Western style of infant massage for specific needs. Private in-home instruction is included in all Ayurvedic postpartum packages or may be purchased or gifted separately. You can have fun and make a social event of the instruction by organizing a party with other parent friends and their non-crawling babies!


Hands on care has resumed in the comfort of your home.  I am fully vaccinated and will wear a mask in your home.  I will be asking about vaccine status for any family I am working with. 


Private infant abhyanga/massage can be taught by ZOOM. You can learn how either during prenatal time or with your own baby. The online Infant abyanga class is approximately one  to one and a half hours in length and will address any questions you might have. I will record the lesson and send to you; it is accompanied by handouts on technique and precautions.

Online infant abhyanga/massage approximately 1 hour private classes: 

Reserve your one hour virtual appointment here. Classes are $60. This class may run longer than 50 minutes; there is no extra charge.

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For baby:
  • promotes sleep 
  • stimulates circulation
  • relieves gas and colic
  • enhances brain growth and intellectual development
  • strengthens the immune system
  • aids digestion and optimizes internal organ function
  • faster weight gain
  • deeper respiration
  • increases endorphin output, decreasing pain and tension from rapid growth and new movements
  • helps baby develop healthy body boundaries
  • exercises muscles and promotes body awareness
For parents:
  • parents rest/sleep longer when baby does
  • infant/parent bonding is strengthened
  • opens a communication channel
  • parents become more proficient in nurturing abilities
  • provides more emotional fulfillment for other caregivers by allowing them to offer physical and emotional support to the baby
  • enhances prolactin in a breastfeeding parent
Individual family instruction in the privacy of your home $75. Special event group parties in your home for up to 8 families with infants $75 + $20 per family. Includes small bottles of organic sesame oil and handouts.
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