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Mothers and their Baby
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What you need to know about Postpartum and your Birthing Partner

Pregnancy directs a lot of nutrients and energy towards growing your baby. Birthing is called 'labor' because it is physical work that consumes tons of energy.  In postpartum, the birther is doing a lot of invisible repair work (even more if the birth was by Caesarean), plus the energy of producing breastmilk if the parent is lactating. All of this happens on an interrupted schedule. Research shows that many emotional and relationship problems begin during the postpartum period. 

The birthing parent needs to be replenished and restored, treated with care, and nurtured after birth. You can help your partner create a list of who in your "village" is willing to support for even an hour, run an errand, or bring a warm, freshly prepared meal. Consider investing in an Ayurvedic postpartum doula for restorative care for the birthing parent and family. We make the process of this transitional time easier!

Supports for Dads & Partners

Patrick Houser is a grandfather to Texas grandkids. He was instrumental in getting the first website up to serve fathers when the internet was still new. You can also find him on YouTube. He has written a marvelous primer called Fathers-To-Be Handbook, available on Amazon. It's and easy read that addresses many of the concerns that surface when your partner is pregnant.

I love this website for new dads/partners! Gender friendly, it is written like a car manual and it's accurate! 

You deserve a massage too! Family members can receive massage on the same day as birthing parent. Choose from swedish or any of the techniques on my Specialty Massage page; focused 1/2 hour sessions on back/neck/shoulders are much appreciated when everyone is holding the baby  1/2 hour $45, 1 hour $90

Mental & Emotional Support for Dads & Partners

Get yourself a Dad Mentor. Buddy up with another parent who added a baby to the family in the last year. Their support will be invaluable to you; they have likely been where you are now in your parenting.

Parental Postpartum Depression is a real thing. You can be affected by all the changes in your family too. You owe it to yourself and your family to get help! This website gives great suggested resources (it is geared towards male identifying partners).

Supports for your baby

Infant massage instruction is one of the valuable bonding skills that I teach to parents. Giving infant massage to your baby and child as they grow older gives them more focused time. You already provide financial support and change the diapers; let's add this direct nurturing and communication skill to your parenting tool kit. If I am with you in your home, we can do the clas on one of my care days. You can also book your online instruction appointment on my infant massage page.

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