Appointments are by OUTCALL only in NE San Antonio & suburbs. You can arrange an appointment time by text. Please have a ground floor space to work in or easy elevator access. I will need about 6' x 9' area to set-up the massage table.  All prices are $100 per session unless otherwise noted; additonal travel charge may apply if outside of my service area. 


Restorative bodywork/massage is one of the foundations for rebuilding the birthing parent in postpartum. Partner, family member massage, or infant massage instruction can be added on the same day birther bodywork is scheduled.

POSTPARTUM ABHYANGA - Nourishing warm organic sesame oil (or dosha-specific oil) combined with soothing and nerve relaxing strokes for the full body.  This is an specially good style of massage to restore the body of a new birther


MARMA - Indian acupressure is indicated when the parent birthed by Caesarean or when the emotions are tender. We use 108 specific points to calm the mind, balance emotions, support lactation, help the detoxifying organs eliminate waste products from surgery and birthing, and ground the birther to do the vital work of parenting

RAINDROP ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY - Nine calming therapeutic grade essential oils-70 or more drops-are to used on the spine meridians of the feet and the back along the spine to restore harmony and rebalance the body energy $130

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Very subtle movements in specific node locations followed by full body tissue drainage are used to move the lymphatic system. This bodywork is especially useful for postpartum swelling, often present after a hospital birth where many extra bags of fluids where used. 


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE FOR ENGORGEMENT - Breast tissue can sometimes back-up during lactation. This lymphatic protocol addresses the breast and chest area specifically to enable better latch in breastfeeding and ease the pain of full breasts. Includes self-care demo and handout. Offered as additional service to any postpartum massage $30

SCAR TISSUE RELEASE - Gentle stretching and unwinding of the adhesions associated with scar tissue from a Caesarean birth or hysterectomy. *Scar must be 6 months old or more to ensure proper physical healing of the tissue.

SURYA BODYWORK - Over 50 hands-on healing techniques from the Ayurvedic (East Indian) traditional wisdom. These integrative modalities weave together to gently address a wide variety of psychophysiological stressors-those components of the mental/emotional realms that get locked in as physical symptoms.

SOMATIC BREATHWORK - Gentle pressure and body mobilization combined with focused breathing patterns for each chakra/body area relieves restrictions

PARTNER OR FAMILY MASSAGE - Family members can receive massage on the same day as birthing parent. Choose from swedish or any of the above techniques; focused 1/2 hour sessions on back/neck/shoulders are much appreciated when everyone is holding the baby  1/2 hour $45, 1 hour $90

ARVIGO TECHNIQUE OF MAYA ABDOMINAL THERAPY - We externally gently guide and support the pelvic organs back to their optimal position.  Arvigo Therapy is best known for addressing misalignment or congestion of the reproductive organs of all genders, as well as optimizing digestion.  The techniques improve the vital flows of energy, blood and lymph to support many organ systems. *available 6 or more weeks postpartum, longer if Caesarean birthing $175 first session (1 1/2-2 hours), $120 additional 1 hours sessions


Informed Consent for Postpartum Massage here

Informed Consent for Massage here

Informed Consent for Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy here

For your health we use organic Ayurvedic oils and Young Living essential oils.

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