In Ayurveda, postpartum is considered to be a "Sacred Window" of time where great changes are possible for health, healing, reconnection to your being as well as for integrating changes inherent with the arrival of your baby. We work with a multilevel approach of restorative care for the birther through supportive bodywork, specially prepared foods, and appropriate herbals. Family integration is supported by bodywork for the family including infant abhyanga/massage instruction.  As an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, we also support the common changes of breast- or chestfeeding and managing other rhythms creating family life changes.

RESTORATIVE BODYWORK: Abhyanga for birthing parent and infant are prized forms of bodywork due to the restorative nature of the organic oils used; we also use copious quantities as the body that need replenishing absorbs quite a lot, typically three to four times the amount used in a regular massage.

There are special scenarios that require alternate forms of bodywork such as marma (Indian acupressure) when birthing was by Caesarean or when birther is going through emotional upheavals.  Lymphatic drainage may be indicated when birther received many fluids in a hospital birth and the fluid is backing up in the system. Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy is used to reestablish the optimal organ function towards the end of the postpartum window.

AYURVEDIC MEAL PREPARATION: Birthing parent and family if desired, receive delicious meals prepared fresh daily in your home with appropriate spices and beneficial fats for mom's digestive restimulation.  We can tailor to many dietary needs from classic vegetarian Indian cooking to Western omnivore, or World cooking. Speciality dietary variations vegan, gluten-free or dairy free, or for food sensitivities can be accomodated.

We take care to follow Ayurvedic principles in whichever dietary plan the family chooses. These are gently rebuilding to the birthing parent, support lactation and baby's digestion. + cost of groceries & spices

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Packages Info here

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Intake Forms here

POSTPARTUM HERBAL SUPPORT: Birthing and lactating parent receives a six week supply of three basic herbal formulas, and a four-and-a-half week supply of a fourths herbal that is started on Day 10. These are prepared as delicious snacks and drinks for the general postpartum supports for lactation, pelvic organ strength, digestion, and for emotional and breast health. + cost of herbs

Special needs herbals are available if needed.

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: We support the family for best integration with a number of other services as need arises.

  • Breast- or chestfeeding support 

  • Instruction in belly wrapping, self-abhyanga

  • Young Living aromatherapy

  • Light housekeeping

  • Network of referrals for other family needs

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