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In Ayurveda, postpartum is considered to be a "Sacred Window" of time where great changes are possible for health, healing, reconnection to your being as well as for integrating changes inherent with the arrival of your baby. We work with a multilevel approach of restorative care for the birther through teaching virtual self-care supportive bodywork. Family integration is supported by teaching bodywork for the family including infant abhyanga/massage instruction.  As an Ayurvedic postpartum

                                                                                                                                                doulas, we also support the common changes

                                                                                                                                                of breast- or chestfeeding and managing other

                                                                                                                                                rhythms created family life shifts. If you live in

                                                                                                                                                the San Antonio, Texas metro area, it is

                                                                                                                                                possible to have specially prepared

                                                                                                                                                nourishing foods and appropriate

                                                                                                                                                restorative herbals delivered. 

Hands on care has resumed in the comfort of your home.  2 weeks after my 2nd Covid-19 vaccine; I am fully vaccinated and will wear a mask in your home if you desire. I will be asking about vaccine status for any family I am working with. Some of the following modalities can be taught prenatally or in postpartum by ZOOM. See our Specialty Massage page to book your appointment.


RESTORATIVE BODYWORK: Abhyanga (massage) for birthing parent and other modalities are prized forms of bodywork due to the restorative nature of the organic oils used; we also use copious quantities as newly birthed bodies that need replenishing absorb quite a lot, typically three to four times the amount used in a regular massage. Infants also absorb oil to nourish their skin and grow! (More details on the Infant Massage page)

There are special scenarios that require alternate forms of bodywork such as marma (Indian acupressure) when birthing was by Caesarean or when birther is going through emotional upheavals.  Lymphatic drainage may be indicated when birther received many fluids in a hospital birth and the fluid is backing up in the system. Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy is used to reestablish the optimal organ function towards the end of the postpartum window.


Food service is currently NOT AVAILABLE.

POSTPARTUM RESTORATIVE COOKING:  Growing a baby and birthing, even in the happiest pregnancy and the easiest delivery takes a toll on the birthing parent's body. We gently boost the digestion with appropriate and easy to digest foods; we can make this only for the mama or for the whole family. Certain foods and good quality fats are favored; cooking for postpartum requires a dietary consult where we check with the birther on dietary likes/dislikes and comfort foods. Meals may be tailored for Indian or Western foods, special diets such as vegan or vegetarian, allergen free diets for gluten, dairy or other sensitivities, or to support existing health issues. + cost of groceries  & herbs (additional delivery charge applies if more than ten miles out of 78233 zip code)

Natural Medicine

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT:  Along with my colleagues at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we have created a total online education package for the Sacred Postpartum window. The best tips and education for supporting a healthy postpartum are all included in our Empowered Postpartum Care course for parents. Purchase online here

This following service is available for San Antonio, TX metro area only by hands-off delivery.


POSTPARTUM HERBAL SUPPORT: Birthing and lactating parent receives a six week supply of three basic herbal formulas, and a four-and-a-half week supply of a fourths herbal that is started on Day 10. Eight weeks is recommended for Caesarean birthed moms. These are prepared as delicious snacks and drinks for the general postpartum supports for lactation, pelvic organ strength, digestion, and for emotional and breast health. + cost of herbs (additional delivery charge applies if more than ten miles out of 78233 zip code)

Special needs herbals are available if required.


We support the family for best integration with a number of other services and therapies as the need arises: 


Personal ZOOM instruction and/or by email: 

  • Breast- or chestfeeding support 

  • Instruction in belly wrapping, and a variety of abhyanga/bodywork self-care therapies (see the Specialty Massage and Infant Massage pages)

  • Network of referrals for other family needs

Supportive therapies by mail: 

  • aromatherapy essential oils mailed direct from Young Living, prepaid & consult required

  • Specific combos can be ordered for:

    • Birthing

    • for the Family in Postpartum

    • for the Baby 

  • custom made Bach Flower, other flower essences & Sanjeevinis support your mental/emotional health by mail, prepaid & consult required