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Empowering through healing, love, and living wisdom the evolution and wholeness of the individual and their family.


About Ayurdoula

Ayurdoula is a term created from the Sanskrit word “ayur” (life) and the Greek word “doula” (a woman who assists other women). Together we create a personalized healing and growth experience beginning at the point where we meet and the life phase you are in.  I support new families using the Ayurvedic Postpartum model which focuses on restorative care for the birther. Generally care is in their homes for the first six to eight weeks after birth; infant massage is an important way to bond with your baby that supports their healthy development and growth. As a massage therapist, I have facilitated healing bodywork with everyone from infants on the day they were born to 93-year old elders.


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About Charlotte Senseney-Sternkind

The talents and tools I bring to assist you in each session include my talents and skills as a:


  • Certified Advanced Postpartum AyurDoula (CAPA), Sacred Window School for Maternal-Newborn Health

  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Bodyworker & Infant Massage (APBT), Sacred Window School for Maternal-Newborn Health

  • Instructor, Center for Sacred Window Studies 

  • Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002

  • Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor

  • Practitioner of the Arvigo Therapy of Maya Abdominal Massage

  • Certificant of the 3 year Surya Bodywork program

  • Advanced Courses in the Surya Program

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Custom created Bach Flower Therapy and other flower and healing essences for health and well-being

  • 12 years experience as a DONA certified birth doula 


         I am constantly surprised and rewarded when I see parents handle all the challenges of their childbearing year and parenting with grace under stress. I feel blessed to use my skills and talents to help you realize your desire to create and experience a more fulfilling childbearing year and postpartum window. As a person integrating a life of experience and grounding in my own internal knowledge, my most sincere hope is that in our work together, you become instilled with the principles leading to a healthier life for yourself and your family as you put new skills, your intuitive wisdom, and love into action.

         Community service is something I strongly believe in. I have put this into practice by serving on the board of the Central Texas Doulas Association; as a former member and volunteer coordinator at Unity in the Heart of Austin; and as a volunteer officer on the Texas board of a recovery program. I am currently engaged in mentoring new Ayurvedic postpartum doulas. 

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